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HAGERMAN VALLEY NEWSLETTER rates include Free Ad Layout, & 1600 mailers to every door in Hagerman & Bliss.

Newsletter Rate Card & Sample Ads

Nonprofit rate: 1/2 regular newsletter rates.

Annual Newsletter Ad Rate:  Simplify your life.  Prepay 11 months of ads and get one month free!  Annual advertisers will also receive the same discount (-8.3%) for any additional ads or up-sizes ordered during the year.  All ad editing and monthly changes are included at no additional charge.


Newsletter Sponsor:    $60/year
For $60 annually, your tax deductible support helps fund this vital Hagerman Valley communication.  You or your company will be listed as a Sponsor in 12 newsletter issues and on the Foundation and the Newsletter websites.

Annual Farm Roadside Stand Flyer Ad:    $60/season
For $60 annually, your roadside stand will be advertised and the location of your stand mapped in an unlimited number of flyers handed out seasonally at the Farmers Market and Foundation events, plus in the online guide to Hagerman’s roadside stands.

Annual Local Lodging Flyer Ad:    $60/year
For $60 annually, your local lodging will be advertised and location mapped in an unlimited number of flyers handed out seasonally at the Farmers Market and Foundation events, plus in the online guide to Hagerman’s local lodging.


Hagerman Valley Foundation Membership $25/year
Hagerman Valley Foundation is a dba of Hagerman IDEA, Inc, a 501(c)(3) since 2004. Help make a difference in the Valley.  Your membership fee and donations may be tax deductible.

Hagerman Valley Foundation Donation  Any Amount
Our mission is to improve livability within Hagerman Valley through philanthropic leadership and community service to its residents and visitors.  We greatly appreciate any and all financial support.  In 2017, the Foundation published the monthly Hagerman Valley Newsletter, ran a weekend Farmers Market, worked on a grant for street revitalization, established a sculpture garden in the city park, and became an authorized non-profit for senior employment through Experience Works.

All Participants and Sponsorships will be recognized with a Company link on the Festival registration website, the printed program guides, every registration packet, the Foundation’s website, the Foundation & Bird Facebook pages and the February & March Hagerman Valley Newsletters PLUS other specific recognition as stated for each item.

Hagerman Bird Festival Vendor Space: $75  [all 3 days included]
Vendor spaces include an 8’ table, 2 chairs, internet access, 3 continental breakfasts (Sa, Su, M) and 2 box lunches (Sa, Su).  This is a one-of-a-kind-vendor event with only 20 spaces available. 

Hagerman Bird Festival Motel Lodging Link $100
Hagerman Bird Festival “For Rent By Owner” Link:  $50
Guests will be seeking lodging for Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights.  Lodging links can include your direct reservation link.  Get a link to help ensure you’re fully booked this weekend.

Hagerman Bird Festival Restaurant Names on Coupons $50
Drive the food crowd to your facility with a fully redeemable coupon.  Restaurant names will be listed on the coupons in the order received.  We estimate passing out between 300-350 coupons.

*  The Bird Festival Sponsorships will provide maximum brand visibility and generosity recognition for your company.  Besides the list of recognitions above, each sponsor will be promoted in our radio spots and email campaigns, have prominent signage in the vendor hall and at the dinner/speaker events, and be frequently acknowledged from the microphone during the entire Festival.

Hagerman Bird Festival Keynote Speaker Sponsor:  $2,500
Paul Bannick and Nathan Pieplow are both renowned authors and highly sought among birders.  Each speaker will also be offering a workshop in their specialty.

*  Hagerman Bird Festival Catered Dinner Sponsor:  $2,000
Both catered dinners will include a keynote speaker and subsequent book signing.

Hagerman Bird Festival Registration Packet Sponsor $1,000
The registration packets will be string backpacks including a variety of gifts, guides and registration materials. We estimate approximately 300 attendees, each of which will receive a “goody” packet.


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