Article: Benefits of Aqua Yoga

The benefits of aqua yoga offered right here in Hagerman.

Aqua Yoga also known as water yoga is another beautiful, breathtaking, benefit available in the Hagerman Valley. Yoga has been practiced for centuries as a way to connect mind, body and spirit. In today’s busy world, many use yoga as a way to disconnect, taking a few minutes to quiet minds, focus on breathing, and gently stretch  and strengthen their bodies.

Studies have shown that people experiencing the effects of arthritis, joint pain, fibromyalgia, injury recovery, or just gentle aging, can improve their condition in water, perhaps much faster than on land. It is gentler on joints, relieves tension and helps loosen muscles through slow, controlled  movements; it massages the lymphatic system, improves balance, and improves range of motion, decreases heart rate, and much more.

The wonderful hidden gem, our healing, geothermic waters plus local aqua yoga classes offer all these benefits without leaving our valley. Amanda Hancock  208-308- 8224


Disclaimer:  Letters to the Editor are published as a service to the Community and are not an endorsement of the writers or of the services or products mentioned.


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