Article: Gardening in the Canyon

I planted my peas March 23, and they were up April 5. I was really surprised because we had some very cold nights during that time. But since then, the weather has been perfect for peas. Cool days and nights, and rain showers. They are very happy and that makes me happy!

I am now concentrating on getting my greenhouse going. It is one of those bargain greenhouses that was almost impossible to put together. I don’t recommend doing that with a spouse. The first couple of years, the wind kept taking panels out of it. I have a lot of silicone on the seams now, which got it through last winter just fine.

My tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, watermelon, lettuce and zinnias are now planted in small pots. When they get about 3 inches tall, I will transplant them into larger pots. My electric soil heating cable is spread underneath the seedlings to keep the roots from freezing. So far it has worked great.

I also have a misting system set up on a timer that keeps my delicate seedlings watered.  This gives me the freedom to be gone without having to worry about my greenhouse crops. I love gardening, but I also love having fun during the summer. Anyone ready for some fishing?

– Judith Heidel


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