Hagerman City Council Minutes: Feb 15, 2017

MINUTES 02-15- 2017



ROLL CALL: Everyone was in attendance for the meeting; Mayor Weir, Attorney Phil Brown, Councilman Jeffries, Hauser, Winther and Bland.


TREASURER’S REPORT: The bills totaled $48,336.59 for 02-15- 2017. Councilman Jay Hauser made the 1st motion to pay the bills as read into the record. Councilman Carl Jeffries made the 2nd motion. There was no further discussion. The motion passed.

MINUTES FOR -2- 02-2017: Councilman Hauser made the 1st motion to approve the minutes as written.  Councilman Bland made the 2nd motion. There was no further discussion. Councilman Jeffries abstained as he missed this meeting. The motion passed.

LIBRARY REPORT: Librarian Geri Omohundro was present. Her report is on file at the library.

SUPERINTENDENT REPORT: Superintendent Justin Hulme was present. The snow melt and thaw caused some minor flooding. Sandbags and sand were made available, at no charge, for the public’s use. One driveway washed out, it will need to be resurfaced when the weather is better. An aerator flipped, it is has been turned back over and working well. Many compliments came in from citizen’s regarding the good work on the plowing, sanding, drain clearing and everything else needed to keep the streets open during the thaw and flood.



SEALED BIDS FOR USED EQUIPMENT: Evan’s Plumbing bid $1,000.00 for the jetter Stan Tate bid $711.00 for the 1976 Dodge and $100.00 for the jetter. Councilman Bland made the 1st motion to sell the jetter to Evan’s Plumbing and the 1976 Dodge to Stan Tate. Councilman Jeffries made the 2nd motion. There was no further discussion. The motion passed.

RESOLUTION 2017-01: The resolution is not ready yet. No action taken.

REGION IV DEVELOPMENT/K. UKER/DRAW DOWN: Kathy presented paperwork for the Mayor’s signature which authorizes a payment to JUB from Army Corp. of Engineers and USDA. The amount paid will be $41,042.70.

LOWER SNAKE RIVER AQUIFER RECHARGE DISTRICT: Councilman Hauser will be the city representative to LSRARD for 2017.

CITY HALL ADA CONSTRUCTION: Work will begin on 02-20- 2017 on the restroom and front entrance remodel at City Hall. The work is to make the front entrance and restroom ADA accessible. (ADA-American Disabilities Act)

RAISED PLATFORM FOR MAYOR AND COUNCIL SEATING DISCUSSION: Mayor Weir had this suggestion; he would like to have a raised platform built for the mayor and council seating. Councilman Bland made the 1st motion to get a cost estimate for the project. Councilman Winther made the 2nd motion. There was no further discussion. The motion passed.

SENIOR CENTER CATERING PERMIT: The Hagerman Senior Center paid $25.00 for a catering permit for 02-22- 2017, Tumbleweed Saloon, 5 to 9 pm. Councilman Jeffries made the 1st motion to approve the permit. Councilman Bland made the 2nd motion. There was no further discussion. The motion passed.


WASTEWATER UPDATE: Mark Holtzen was present.
1. The placement of Lift Station 2, on Valley Rd. W is still in question. The conversation with property owners in the area will go forward.
2. The fence at the north side of Mr. Knight’s property was surveyed and it is on city land. The Mayor will send a letter to the Knights to let them know of this survey.
3. There are still several issues about open ditches, culverts and trees which will need to be resolved.
4. There are trees along Highway 30, which are on the city sewer property, and most are dead and a hazard; high winds could blow them down and onto the highway. Mark will create 2 bids for the project;
A. a bid without tree removal and
B. with tree removal.  If tree removal fits the budget they will be taken out.


TABLED: DOG CATCHER: Robert Bonning has volunteered to do this job. The City of Wendell just remodeled their kennel and have offered to share it with Hagerman should the need arise. Mayor Weir will do some research; expenses and pay, how many hours needed daily, part-time or full time, the budget will need to be amended, and the cost of equipment. Councilman Jeffries made the 1st motion to TABLE this discussion until the next meeting. Councilman Bland made the 2nd motion. There was no further discussion. The motion passed.

MAYOR COMMENT: The city received the deed for their water shares from the Hagerman Water User’s Association.

Tupper’s property had a lot of flood damage.  A barrier may need to be erected above Hagerman’s water source to protect it.  The sand bag plan was well received. High school students helped fill bags.  There were many good compliments regarding plowing, drainage, sanding and flooding assistance.


ADJOURN: 1st motion to adjourn was made by Councilman Jeffries. 2nd motion made by Councilman Bland. No further discussion. The meeting was adjourned.

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