Hagerman City Council Minutes: August 17, 2016




ROLL CALL: Mayor Weir, Councilman Jeffries, Hauser, Bland and Winther – present. Attorney Phil Brown was absent.

AGENDA AMENDMENTS: Mayor Weir received this information late on the day of council; the Park Service has 3 trees ready to plant. They are asking the city if there is somewhere for them. Councilman Bland made the l” motion to add this item to the agenda. Councilman Jeffries made the 2nd motion. There was no further discussion. The motion passed.

TREASURER’S REPORT: The bills for 08-17-2016 totaled $33,656.98. The bills were read into the record.  Councilman Hauser asked for clarification on the J.U.B. bill and Councilman Bland asked about the H.D.
Fowler bill. Each of the questions was answered. Councilman Jeffries made the 1st motion to pay the bills as read. Councilman Bland made the 2nd motion. There was no further discussion. The motion passed.

MINUTES FOR 08-03-2016: Councilman Hauser made the l” motion to approve the minutes as written. Councilman Jeffries made the 2nd motion. There was no further discussion. The motion passed.

LIBRARY REPORT: Librarian Geri Omohundro was present, HI: Geri read the monthly reports; inventory, petty cash, expenses, patronage, now resident members, new non-resident members, donation, computer usage, wifi usage, and books, movies and audio books loaned. Also,Geri is planning to have the annual book sale the Saturday of the Car Show, in September. #2: Geri presented the library fiscal budget for 2016-2017. Councilman Jeffries made the Ist motion to accept the library budget as written.  Councilman Winther made the 2nd motion. There was no further discussion. The motion passed.

SUPERINTENDENT REPORT: Superintendent Justin Hulmewas present. Justin spoke about several topics;
1.The forms have been filed for the ADA work in the park.
2. He is almost at the poin twhere he can get quotes for the work.
3. The bus zone at the school has been signed and painted. A new drop off one-way lane was created.
4. The asphalt came. Pot holes were repaired. No extra asphalt available.
5. Several pieces of new equipment have been used and all work well; concrete saw, thumb, and vibrator.
6. Work has been done on the Valley Road Bridge. The work will continue as necessary.
7. Mosquito abatement (standing water clean-up) is ongoing.
8. The aerators have been cleaned.
9. Before work can proceed on the pipe at Harbison’s and Guffy’s and the French drain installed on Orchard, both places need a camera put through them. When the camera is available, the work will then proceed.


1. LAND LEASE WITH PHIL GOSSI- Councilman Bland madethe lst motion to approve the land lease contract with Mr. Gossi. A copy is on file. Councilman Jeffries made the 2nd motion. There was no further discussion. The motion passed.
2. LAW ENFORCEMENT CONTRACT WITH GOODING COUNTY SHERIFF DEPT. FOR 2017 – Mayor Weir would like to make a change to the contract as it is written, he suggested the Police Dept. pay the utility expenses at the police office. Councilman Hauser also commented that he has some concerns but did not elaborate. Councilman Jeffries made the l” motion to TABLE this item for further discussion. Councilman Bland made the 2nd motion. There was no further discussion. The motion passed.
3. AGENDA AMENDMENT- Park Service trees.The Park Service asked the city if there is somewhere to plant 3 trees as soon as possible. Justin looked at the park and other city areas and says there is not a place for them. He suggested the Park Service speak with the School Dist.
and the Cemetery Dist.


1. WASTEWATER FACILITY UPDATE: Mark Holtzen J.U.B. was present. Mark told everyone about the project’s current status.
1.The aerial mapping has been completed.
2. Inventory of the infrastructure (pipe, pivots, pumps, hand lines, etc.) has been done.
3. Abathymetric survey (sonar) mapping will need to be done of the pond.
4. Lagoon design and layout will begin soon.
5. Mark is waiting on the geo-tech surveyto be completed.
6. The preliminary design should be done by mid-September.
7. The irrigation pump station is in good shape.
8. Lift station sites and the piping have been figured out.

2. PERSONNEL MANUAL: Next agenda – Set workshop time and date.

l. Pastor Isaac and members of his congregation and citizens painted the curbs.  Thank you everyone for all of  your hard work. Everything looks very nice.
2. MayorWeir, councilman Jeffries and Blandand Justin Hulme participated in a conference call with the EPA. The EPA wanted an
assurance that the city is proceeding with the facility plans and implementation. If the city sticks with the proposed schedule for construction, there won’t be any more fines.

PUBLIC COMMENT: People aren’t parking correctly at the school, now that the new parking lines and bus zone has been implemented. Please enforce the parking rules.

ADJOURN: Councilman Jeffries made the lst motion to adjourn the meeting. Councilman Winther made the 2nd motion. There was no further discussion. The motion passed. Meeting adjourned.

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