Historical Society: Membership Business Meeting May 17

museumeditedMAY NEWSLETTER

The future of Hagerman and the Hagerman Valley Historical Society looks extremely promising, actually amazing and incredible.

Having received last year a Legacy Gift of over 600 Archie Teater paintings, plus a commitment of another 400 paintings when there is an appropriate venue to display them, the HVHS Museum needs more space and has already lined up donors.

But the first step is to establish a solid operating structure designed to handle these multiple growth issues and coordinate the involvement of the many volunteers we expect as they work on various aspects of these needs.

Thus, a very timely and important May 17, Membership Business Meeting,  The meeting will be held at the Hagerman Senior Center, open at 6:30p with refreshments, and starting promptly at 7p.  The meeting will be led by interim President, Florence Mary Sandy.  

 The agenda will include the recognition of resigned officers, nominations for a new Board of Directors, Director/Officers and Committee Chairs, with the Board of Directors election at the close of business.

Here is the May Newsletter suggesting the duties and committees for this expanded HVHS operational structure.  Please review and consider volunteering for one or more positions or activities.  It is not expected nor desired that a few volunteers do all the heavy lifting.  If each of the members took on one small task, the results would be amazing!  
Also, a membership table will be available, so please consider joining the Society at the Business meeting if you are not already a member.  We eagerly anticipate your participation!
Thank you, The Hagerman Valley Historical Society

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