Hagerman City Council Minutes – Mar 6, 2016

MINUTES FOR 03-06-2016



ROLL CALL – Mayor Weir and Councilman Jeffries, Hauser, Bland and Winther present.

AGENDA AMENDMENTS – Fair Housing Declaration. Councilman Jeffries made the 1st motion to add the Fair Housing Declaration to the agenda. Councilman Hauser made the 2nd motion. There was no further discussion. The motion passed.

TREASURER’S REPORT – The bills totaled $7,867.42. Councilman Jeffries made the 1st motion to pay the bills as read. Councilman Winther made the 2nd motion. There was no further discussion. The motion passed.

MINUTES FOR 03-02-2016 – Councilman Jeffries made the 1st motion to approve the MINUTES as written. Councilman Bland made the 2nd motion. There was no further discussion. The motion passed.

LIBRARIAN REPORT – Librarian Geri Omohundro was present. She read the February, 2016 reports: petty cash, patronage, loaned books, movies, music and audio books, wi-fi and computer usage, fines and donations.

SUPERINTENDENT REPORT – Superintendent Justin Hulme was absent, he was attending a class in Pocatello. A leak developed on South St. W. on Tuesday 03-14-16. Justin and Mike worked on it that evening and Mike continued and completed the repairs the next day.


CREDIT CARD INTEREST CHARGES – Mayor Weir contacted US Bank about interest billed to the City credit card. The bank has turned the inquiry over to the credit card dept. and they are working to resolve the issue.

REGION IV DEVELOPMENT – Ben Peck was present. A: As part of the Senior Center grant, a FAIR HOUSING PROCLAMATION needed to be signed. Councilman Bland made the 1ST motion to allow the Mayor and clerk to sign the proclamation. Councilman Winther made the 2nd motion. There was no further discussion. The motion passed. B: INTERIM FINANCING – Mayor Weir contacted several banks seeking information about getting an interim loan until the money for the sewer project is available. Ben stated that DEQ is available for interim financing. Applications have been received by the funding agencies and the money should be finalized in the next 2 to 4 weeks.

FIRE/QRU ANNUAL EASTER EGG HUNT – Councilman Jeffries made the 1st motion to give the Fire Dept. permission, at no charge, to use the City Park for the Easter Egg Hunt. It will be held on 03-26-2016. Councilman Bland made the 2nd motion. There was no further discussion. The motion passed.

WATER DAMAGE/ @ 160 ORCHARD ST. W/ A. RAY – Anna’s house has repeatedly gotten water in the crawl space. The City is putting in a French drain to help alleviate the problem. She submitted a bill for restoration work and pumping to the City and asked if the City may be able to help with the expense. The water is ground water, it is not from broken pipes or anything leaking. Mayor Weir will contact the City insurance company about this.

BIKE PATH PROCLAMATION – Councilman Bland made the 1st motion to allow the Mayor to sign a Bike Path Proclamation in support of the work on-going to create bike paths in the area. Councilman Jeffries made the 2nd motion. There was no further discussion. The motion passed.

INTERIM FINANCING – Ben Peck explained about the financing when he spoke earlier in the meeting. DEQ funds will be available in 2 to 4 weeks.

NEW ZONING MAP – Hagerman Planning and Zoning will hold a Public Hearing on 04-19-2016. The hearing is to hear any public comment about the new map. When the property for the sewer project is annexed into the City, the map will be adjusted accordingly.

CRACK IN THE CITY HALL FLOOR – Downspout drainage is probably causing the problem. Justin will patch the crack inside the building. On the outside the drain spouts will be reconfigured to alleviate the problem.

SERVICE CONNECTION AMENDMENT – The City has not entirely followed the City Code regarding new meter installation, labor, and costs. An amendment will be created in the near future to correct the over-sight and bring the billing of the appropriate fees into code. Councilman Bland made the 1st motion to table this discussion until the next meeting when Justin will be available to further explain the situation. Councilman Jeffries made the 2nd motion. There was no further discussion. The motion passed.

ALLOWED DOGS IN TOWN – A citizen has made a complaint about a neighbor and their dogs. The neighbor owns 2 dogs and 2 dogs visit every day. They are all very noisy and the citizen who made the complaint said there is strong odor from the dog’s feces. The citizen has filled out a complaint form with the City but when asked by Officer Cornett to sign the citation, he declined. Mayor Weir will speak with the citizen regarding this issue.


WASTEWATER FACILITY UPDATE – The property has been flagged to be surveyed.

TABLED – none                         PUBLIC COMMENT – none

MAYOR’S COMMENT – The Arbor Day Foundation has declared Hagerman a Tree City for 2016. Justin completed all of the necessary requirements to receive the declaration. Clean-Up Days will be April 22 and 23. The USDA is going to proceed with the paperwork for a grant for sidewalks in the park. The City has matching funds earmarked in the budget for this project.

ADJOURN – 1st motion by Carl Jeffries. 2nd motion by Mike Winther. No discussion. Meeting adjourned.

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