NPS: Comment on New Plans Welcome – April 5, 9:30a

nps1The park is working on changing exhibits, improving the space within the current visitor center, and we are aware of the need to focus on the park area near the Bell Rapids launch area.  The plans that we are putting in place are to drive change that is needed.  This is why your input is important!

Please consider spending just 45 minutes with us:
Date:  Tuesday, April 5th
Time:  9:30-10:15am
Location:  park visitor center

​If the past, Hagerman Fossil Beds National Monument (the park) has sought input.  While we hosted an all-day open house last year, it wasn’t as successful as we’d hoped it would be.  Perhaps “just stopping in” wasn’t formal enough.  I’ve been told to keep things short too!  So, next week, on Tuesday, we have set aside just 45 minutes to gather and hear from the community. (Might be to comment on the allotted time!)  We truly need to understand what community members think could be done to improve our engagement with visitors.

​If you have questions, please feel free to call me!

Judy Geniac
Superintendent, Hagerman Fossil Beds Nat’l Monument & Minidoka National Historic Site
Office:  208.933.4110

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