Hagerman Sr Center – Great Fundraiser!

craps2.27A good sized crowd enjoyed the Tumbleweed Saloon Gaming Night at the Center – the craps table, multiple 21 tables, and a big table full of those dyed-in-the-wool Texas Hold’em lovers, had lots of fun trying to beat the house – and some of them did!

We had a no host wine and beer bar, but everything else in the Saloon was paid for with Tumblebucks including the appetizers, raffle prizes and of course, the gaming tables.

We ended the evening with an auction of the goofy stuff people brought in plain wrappers and anyone with any tumblebucks left (and that’s almost everyone) bid on a mystery gift.

Just too fun!





Donations to the Hagerman Senior Center are very welcome.

Please contact Nan at (208) 837-6120 or (208) 934-7686, hvcscenter@gmail.com.

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