Hagerman City Council Minutes – Jan 6, 2016




ROLL CALL: Present – Mayor Weir, Councilman Jeffries, Hauser and Bland and Councilman-elect Winther.

Mayor Weir made the statement that Clerk Woods had read him the Oath of Office and he was sworn in during the afternoon of 01-06-2016. Councilman Bland was the witness. Clerk Woods asked Jay Hauser and Mike Winther to stand, raise their right hands and read the Oath of Office to them. Both men replied in the affirmative, “I do”. Councilman Winther then took his seat at the council table.

AGENDA AMENDMENTS – Mayor Weir requested 1 item be added to the evening’s agenda. Phil Brown recommended that a Head of Council be nominated during this council meeting. Councilman Hauser made the 1st motion to add this item to the agenda. Councilman Jeffries made the 2nd motion. There was no further discussion. The motion passed.

TREASURER’S REPORT – The bills for 01-06-2016 totaled $21,503.92. Councilman Jeffries made the 1st motion to approve the bills as read. Councilman Bland made the 2nd motion. There was no further discussion. The motion passed.

MINUTES for 12-16-2015 – Councilman Jeffries made the 1st motion to approve the minutes as written. Councilman Hauser made the 2nd motion. There was no further discussion. The motion passed.

POLICE REPORT – Officer Kelby Cornett was present. His report is on file.

FIRE/QRU REPORT – Chief Tim Peterson was present. His report is on file.

SUPERINTENDENT REPORT – Superintendent Justin Hulme was present. His report is on file. A pin broke on the snow plow blade. Justin couldn’t plow the parking lane on State St. because of the broken pin. It has now been repaired.


J-U-B CONTRACT – Mark Holtzen was present. The contract between J-U-B and the City is near completion. It is currently in negotiation with Region IV Dev. and is now being revised. Mark will bring the new contract to the council, for their approval, at the meeting to be held 01-20-2016.

A: He is concerned about the city purchasing property next to his for the new waste-water facility. He feels this will adversely affect his property value. Mr. Knight expressed the concern that he feels the city has not contacted him with all of the information about the project. He stated that he realizes the new system is necessary and that the city is attempting to keep the monthly utility billing as low as possible. He is unhappy that he has not been considered in the decision process.
B: From an online DEQ document he read, Section 2-3 – Sociological factors must be taken into consideration 2-3-1 – Present land use should not conflict with the project.
C: Local citizens and the public should use public awareness.
D: Mr. Knight’s property is now farmed to grow edible food crops. His feeling is he will no longer be able to grow and sell the food crops, even with the 50 ft. buffer zone.
E: Mist factor is a huge concern. Class D water is what would be put on the city’s land. There are risks because the water is not treated for bacteria contaminants.
F: Mr. Knight’s property will be enclosed on 3 sides by the waste-water facility land; health risk = valuation of property = present use has not been considered.
G: He feels the proposed buffer zone and protections will not be sufficient.
H: Class D water cannot be used on roads. The pivots putting water on the crops may spray onto the road.
I: He hopes there is some way to resolve his concerns in a positive way.
J: He is prepared to defend his position.
K: As soon as possible he would like the city to supply him with all of the available information.
L: He continued by saying, Bill Jones, owner of the proposed site land stated that he does not want to sell the land. Mr. Jones expressed the concern that he had been threatened with eminent domain.
M: Mr. Knight requested the results of the bore testing on all of the previously tested/considered sites.

BUS ZONE/HAGERMAN SCHOOL DISTRICT – Principal Kress and Officer Cornett were present. There is a traffic control problem in front of the grade school on 2nd Street. The school would like to suggest that 2nd Street be made one-way from Spring St. to Main St. to ease the traffic flow. 2 lanes would travel south for these 2 blocks and one one-way lane would be created to travel north. There will still be a crosswalk at Lake St. and 2nd Street. Councilman Bland made the 1st motion, try changing 2nd to one-way for traffic control. Councilman Jeffries made the 2nd motion. There was no further discussion. The motion passed.

RIVER ROCK/CULVERT/TREE REMOVAL – Mayor Weir spoke with Elaine Endsley, the owner of the tree that keeps clogging the culvert at River Rock Place. She , and her neighbors, will try to keep the culvert clear of the roots. Idaho Rural Water is going to scope the culvert in February.

RICHARD DAHL/DRUGS IN HAGERMAN – Mr. Dahl was present. Mr. Dahl stated he has seen an increase in drug use in Hagerman. He wanted to tell the council of his observations. He stated he feels property values are being affected and more law enforcement is needed. Councilman Jeffries attempted to get Mr. Dahl to talk of any specific instances Mr. Dahl has observed but he would not cite specifics.

2016 BUILDING INSPECTOR CONTRACT RENEWAL – Councilman Jeffries made the 1st motion to approve the contract. Councilman Hauser made the 2nd motion. There was no further discussion. The motion passed.

HEAD OF COUNCIL NOMINATION – Councilman Hauser nominated Councilman Jeffries to be the Head of Council. Councilman Bland made the 2nd motion. There was no further discussion. The motion passed.


The Streets Workshop will be held on January 20th at 6:00 p.m. Someone from the Highway District will be present.


POLICE STATION REPAIR – Todd Crist, Crist Const. was present. He stated insurance funds have been received by the city. Mayor Weir will speak with the treasurer Mary Moreland on 01-11-2016 about the funds. Then a decision will be made as to how to proceed.

MAYOR’S COMMENTS – Welcome new council members.

PUBLIC COMMENT- Bob Bonning said thank you to the council for their swift action regarding the school bus zone/one way street decision.

ADJOURN – Councilman Jeffries made the 1st motion to adjourn the meeting. Councilman Hauser made the 2nd motion. There was no further discussion. The motion passed.

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