Tumbleweed Saloon Blows the Roof Off!

Saturday night Hagerman saw something not seen since the days of the Wild West; a wild night of gambling and sarsaparilla drinking that landed not a single cowpoke in the hoosegow.  Held at the Hagerman Senior and Community Center, Tumbleweed Sam in all his bug-eyed glory, welcomed all to the saloon. Each player gained entrance with a secret wrapped gag gift, then cashed in their ten bucks US for a thousand of play money at the Cashier Window, then proceeded directly to the gaming tables, black jack, craps, Texas Hold ‘Em, Craps and there were raffles and food and even some wine (thanks to a local vintner who shared his stash) all of it paid for with play money making it an  all inclusive fun packaged evening.

Beginning at 5pm with gambling of choice and food and drink then culminating at 8:30 pm in an auction of gag and goofy items brought in plain wrappers by the casino guests, keep everyone laughing.  It was an evening of No-Fear Gambling and loads of fun and everyone was back home in time for the evening news.

Thanks have to be given to the two Hagerman businesses who stepped up and supported the Senior Center; the Snake River Grill donated delicious tortilla pinwheels and the Riverboat Restaurant supplied a $25 gift certificate that was raffled off – that lucky winner got more than just a rubber chicken (just one of the auction items that thrilled and amazed the bidders).  Our corporate sponsors were oh-so-generous and they were Simplot (amazing finger foods), Glanbia with  delicious assorted cheeses, Independent Meats supplied Falls Brand ham that is always wonderful and welcome, and Gooding Dogs Group came through with Hot Smokies in BBQ sauce.  Of course, so many of our senior citizens and Center staff members donated their time and talents to make Tumbleweed Saloon a great evening of Fun but they will be thanked in person.

Maybe the Center will do it again?

Donations to the Hagerman Senior Center are very welcome.  Please contact Nan at (208) 837-6120 or (208) 934-7686, hvcscenter@gmail.com.


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