Hagerman Valley Chamber of Commerce

These are the minutes of the last meeting held January 12, 2016.

Meeting was called to order by Vice-President Jasmine Call. Brenda Henslee did the installation of new officers, they were Jasmine Call- Vice-President; Suzanne Jensen-Secretary and Judy Osborne-Treasurer.

An introduction of the members present was done.

The financial report was given, the fireworks for the June event had been paid this month.

Committee Reports:

Idea: Marguerite Janes reported that the committee is on hold until March because of members being gone.

Library: Geri Omohondro is the new librarian.

City: Mayor Weir stated that some water issues were getting resolved and the sewer project is on track. They are waiting on the grant process. The city is working with the school on increased safety for loading students on the buses on 2nd Ave. West.

Fire: Chief Tim Peterson reported there were 14 calls for December, 5 for fire and 9 for EMS. 2015 totals were 297 calls with 75 fire and 222 EMS. Fire calls averaged 4 volunteers per call and EMS averaged 2 volunteers per call.

State Park; Dave Landrum said the asbestos removal has been done at Ritter Island, the park was able to obtain a grant to help with the cost. Plans are to use the site for weddings and group events. The city has talked with the Park Service about a trail between the citv and Billingsley Creek State Park.

College of Southern Idaho: Elaine Bryant has the spring 2016 course booklet.
There are speakers for the lecture series, along with the courses offered.

St Patrick Fun Run/Walk: Suzanne Jensen reported that the event is underway, the registration forms will be mailed shortly.

Car Show: The event is scheduled for September 17, 2016.

Fireworks: The event is scheduled for June 24, 2016.

National Park Service: Judy Geniac reported they are working on visitor services.

Speaker: Dee Smith told about the upcoming Bird Festival and asked f9r Chamber assistance with registration. They are also seeking homes in the area for speakers to stay.

Meeting was adjourned.


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